Green Drawer



壁を境にした引き出し=Green Drawerは、使い方や気候に合わせて、
「Green Drawer」から、


東京デザイナーズウイーク2009 コンテナアワード受賞

In the drawer opening from the wall of a house, many kinds of plants are growing...

"Green Drawer", the drawer of a wall border, can be moved freely from inside to outside of a house through its walls, according to your usage, seasons, daily weather, and so on...
For example, if you open the drawer with lawn into the house,
you may lie down on it, and feel the fresh and green air.
Or, you can enjoy a dinner seeing your lovely flowers in the drawer...

Green Drawer will make the new style of communication between the green and the room.


Container Awards of Tokyo Designers Week 2009

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